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Prior to pregnancy women have an hourglass type of waistline. Following pregnancy, the hourglass shape becomes squarer. This is a direct result of the separation of the abdominal muscles that occurs as a result of a growing baby in the uterus. The stretching of the muscle and its lining can result in a bulge of the abdomen, either up high or down low or both. In some instances, this bulge can even give the appearance that the woman is still pregnant. In some women, the belly button can become misshapen, and even develop a small hernia. The skin of the tummy is another area that is prone to significant changes. Stretch marks can occur or the skin can develop a cottage cheese-like appearance. A step-off can develop at the site of a C-Section scar. These are all changes that can be dramatically corrected with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)..