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Breast Reduction

Women with large breasts can have a variety of symptoms. Among the most common are upper and lower back and/or neck discomfort, bra strap indentation and rashes under the breasts. Disproportionately large breasts can be aesthetically displeasing and may interfere with athletic activity. In older patients, large breasts can interfere with mobility and activities of daily living. A breast reduction is a procedure that reduces the size of the breasts. At the same time, the breast and areola are repositioned (lifted) and the areola can be made smaller. By removing excess breast tissue and reshaping and lifting the breast to a more flattering and comfortable size, a more balanced body contour can be achieved.

This is a procedure that is performed across the age spectrum from teenagers to healthy women in their seventies. It is also a procedure with some of the highest patient satisfaction rates because not only does it alleviate discomfort, but it improves aesthetics as well.