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Rhytidectomy or say Facelift Surgery is performed to make an older face to look younger than ever before. This surgery involves tightening the skin, lifting sagging muscles and eradication of the ugly wrinkles. The visible signs of aging often occur, due the effects of gravity and the diminished volume of the face. Most of the patient request evaluation for facelift surgery as they feel that their face does not reflect their youthful energy and the spirit level. This surgery can refine troublesome jowls, sagging skin, deep lines of the neck and face.

The Facelift surgery includes, removing the excess fat deposits, adjusting the underlying tissues, muscles, and tightening the skin, which can bring about a better toned and youthful appearance. In a traditional facelift surgery, the skin is precisely lifted off the facial skeleton so that the underneath tissues as well as the skin can be tightened and smoothly repositioned over the face. There are many different forms of the facelift procedure that Dr. Ram can discuss with you to find the best in you and achieve the looks you desire.

During this procedure the patients are either given local anesthesia to numb the skin, as well as general anesthesia or a sedative is give through an intravenous line. The skin is elevated to the higher position, the face muscles and tissues beneath the skin are tightened. In some cases the extra skin and fats may be removed by the surgeon. After completion of the surgery, the incisions are sutured and the skin is redraped over the face. Patients will not see any post surgery effects, even the incisions don’t show up, as it falls behind the hairline, where the skin would crease naturally.

Every patient feels to have limited incisions during surgery and the good news is, the facelift surgery requires shorter incisions at the temple, close to the ear. In some cases the incision is made under the upper lip or within the lower eyelid, but only when it is required the most. A neck lift surgery is also done as a part of facelift surgery to tighten the sagging jowls and the loose skin beneath the chin. Its incision starts in front of the ear lobe and ends to the lower scalp behind the ear. It takes several hours to complete this surgery and patients can go home on the same day of the surgery. But sometimes the surgeon may suggest spending one night in the hospital. Dr Ram has a good hand in the facelift lift surgery and hence patients get satisfactory results.