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What is a Lymphedema or say Lymphoedema?

Words are different but the meaning is same. To avoid confusion we will only use Lymphedema, because it is easy to use, spell, pronounce and remember. Lymphedema is gradual swelling of affected extremities or genitals, which is chronic and occurring due to damage or mal-development of lymphatic system. The prevalence of lymphedema is increasing rapidly all around the world. It is estimated that approximately 140-250 million people are currently affected by this disease. Causes of Lymphedema: In developed countries such as USA, UAE, South Africa, France, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, etc. Lymphedema is caused by the invasion of a cancer in lymphatic system or due to any surgical removal of it as a part of surgery. It is most common in Breast cancer patients as well as in patients with cervical, uterine and prostate cancer.

Anyways in developing countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Lymphedema is also caused by parasitic infection such as mosquito bite.


Symptoms of Lymphedema:


Patients suffering from Lymphdema complain swelling of extremity with visible lumps. When the disease progresses intermittent skin infection, tightness, heaviness, severe pain and itching develops in the extremity. In advanced stage, ulceration occurs, limb becomes hard, fowl smelling, ugly looking with a decrease in mobility and sometimes it can lead to cancer. This overall, affects the social, economical, mental well-being of the patient. It makes them feel lonely, isolated and depressed.