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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are an unfortunate fact of life for many people. Anytime the skin has been stretched too far or too fast – such as during puberty, pregnancy, or weight change – these unsightly lines may appear. Just because stretch marks are normal doesn’t mean you have to live with them.

The RecoSMA therapy is revolutionary treatment for painless removal stretch marks. it does not have significant downtime, also it is a painless therapy.

How many laser sessions need for best results?

Generally, 3 to 4 sessions required at 3 weekly interval.

How long does treatment take?

It just take 10 Minutes to 1 Hour.

What is cost of Stretch Marks removal?

The minimum cost would be 1799 INR (28.05 USD). the cost is depending upon area.

Don’t fall for the stretch marks creams, it will not work but our laser work 100%. see the following results.

Stretch Marks Removal
Stretch Marks Removal