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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Just about any healthy woman who has gone through even a single pregnancy is a potential candidate for a tummy tuck. The effects of pregnancy vary from patient to patient but can affect women in a number of different ways. Loss of the waistline is one of the most common changes women notice. Whereas prior to pregnancy women have more of an hourglass shape to their figure, after pregnancy, the body shape becomes more square. Extra skin or stretch marks following pregnancy or weight loss can distort the abdomen and umbilicus and give it a loose and unattractive appearance. It is not uncommon for a bulge to develop in the lower abdomen after pregnancy. In extreme cases, this can give the illusion that the woman is still expecting! Diet and exercise will not adequately address any of these issues. A tummy tuck is an operation that can dramatically improve these changes through a combination of tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin. With this procedure patients can have a more defined waist, a slimmer profile, a more proportionate body contour and better clothing fit. This can be an appropriate operation for thin patients, heavy patients and patients of all sizes in between. The age spectrum of patients undergoing tummy tucks varies from women in their twenties to women in their seventies.